ALFIX GmbH presents their Fast Lock System and folding scaffold solutions in Munich

The scaffolding producer ALFIX GmbH, based in Grossschirma, Germany, is travelling to BAUMA 2022 with their upgraded modular scaffolding systems – ALFIX MODUL MULTI 4.0 and ALFIX MODUL METRIC 4.0. Further development of the MODUL MULTI and MODUL METRIC modular scaffolding systems, featuring high-strength steel and an optimised geometry of the connection heads, increases the load-bearing capacity while also providing thinner wall thickness. These modular systems are, therefore, characterised by their lightweight scaffolding components which make everyday construction tasks more convenient for all trades. Another of the many improvements made to the 4.0 modular scaffolding system is the ALFIX Fast Lock System, allowing ALFIX U-ledgers and tube ledgers to be affixed to the connector discs directly. This increases the safety of the scaffold, saves time, and allows for a more efficient assembly.

The new Fast Lock function is enabled by a notch in the wedge, allowing the wedge to be placed on the connector head in such a way that the top side protrudes slightly from the connector head. This position can easily be manually adjusted when the wedge is loosened by simply turning the ledger on its longitudinal axis while the connector head is tilted slightly downward. Once the ledger has been turned 180°, the wedge falls into place, and when rotated back it is secured in the initial ALFIX Fast Lock position.

ALFIX Fast-Lock-System

Next, the now prepared connector head is slid onto the connector disc, causing the front of the wedge to connect with the tubular post. The position of the wedge has been specifically designed so that the wedge falls in the head through the opening of the modular disc at just the right moment. It functions in the same way whether the connector head is attached to the shaft frontally or laterally.

In order to avoid the wedge becoming stuck in the corner between the connector disc and the module head, the shape of the wedge tip has been specially redesigned.

The ALFIX Fast Lock System is waiting for you to try it out in person at the ALFIX GmbH booth at BAUMA 2022.

The wide product range of the improved modular scaffolding systems MODUL MULTI 4.0 and MODUL METRIC 4.0 also continues to use the ALFIX colour code system, where different colours and layouts represent the different dimensions of individual scaffolding components. The colour of a label indicates a particular field length. Each field length is represented by a specific colour, so that each colour may be used as a simple means of distinguishing between individual components. This system offers clients a highly visible means of recognising and categorising ALFIX components, even from a distance. What’s more, the ALFIX MODUL labels on vertical diagonals include additional markings to indicate the installation height of that component. In addition to the coloured labels, these additional markings (coloured horizontal lines) provide information about the installation height of each vertical diagonal. The number of parallel horizontal lines indicates the height, as each line represents a installation height of 50 cm. This means that, for example, a vertical diagonal with four lines is suited for a installation height of 2.0 m.


ALFIX colour code system

ALFIX provides carefully considered solutions for both modular scaffolding systems as well as for façade scaffolding systems. The TRBS 2121 compliant folding advanced side protection solutions for the ALFIX and UNIFIX systems will be presented at the BAUMA 2022 booth and assembled live. ALFIX GmbH scaffolding manufacturer will also provide trials so that visitors may test and see for themselves the user-friendly and simple construction and disassembly of our products.

Assembled ALFIX TRBS guardrail, parked position

The TRBS guardrails are available for ALFIX façade scaffolding systems in bay lengths of 0.73 – 3.07 m and for UNIFIX in bay lengths of 0.74 – 3.00 m. The TRBS guardrails with bay lengths longer than 2.07 m (ALFIX) or 2.50 m (UNIFIX) feature the innovative feature of folding lower parts which can be affixed to the centre rail when folded, thanks to a patented mechanism. This functionality is especially practical for vertical transport or for transport between construction sites. In addition, the ALFIX and UNIFIX TRBS guardrails are able to be assembled by one person, with minimal effort and without a specified mounting direction, thanks to their low weight and movable lower part. A TRBS guardrail can also be added after assembly or removed from between two fitted TRBS guardrails. For subsequent removal of the guardrails from an existing scaffold, simply loosen the two screws on the joints of the component using a specialised tool, and the guardrail can be removed in three separate pieces. Additionally, inner and outer brackets, and both brackets with pulleys as well as anchors can be used seamlessly. Temporary storage of the TRBS guardrail during assembly and disassembly is especially practical and simple, as the guardrail can be hung on the handrail of fitted guardrails. This simple assembly can be seen at . The ALFIX and UNIFIX TRBS guardrails can be partially refunded by the German social accident insurance for the construction sector (BG Bau). Come and see for yourself at the ALFIX GmbH booth 402 in Hall B3 at BAUMA 2022 in Munich.