Whether you are in need of emergency stairs, stair towers for secure construction site access and egress, or staircases for public use, the ALFIX Stair Tower Program offers a variety of steel and aluminium stair options to set up the optimal stair solution for you.

Stair tower with 4 standards for 200 kg/m²
Stair tower with 10 standards for 200 kg/m²


The ALFIX basic stair towers are construction stair towers with a load bearing capacity of 200 kg/m2 which can be assembled either as linear or half-turn stairs with landings. These stair towers are not suited for public use, rather they are designed for use on construction sites where secure access must be provided between areas of different heights. With the appropriate side protection components in place, these construction stair towers offer individual and secure possibilities for assembly. Because our aluminium scaffolding system stairs are available in a variety of sizes to suit all heights, the stair towers can be erected to effortlessly cover the vertical distances required for any construction project.







Stair tower with 16 standards for 500 kg/m²
Stair tower with 16 standards for 750 kg/m²


Our comprehensive product portfolio also includes a separate stair stringer system with a load-bearing capacity of either 200 kg/m2, 500 kg/m2 or 750 kg/m2. Not only can these stairs be installed at a variety of heights, but a selection of stair widths is also available to suit any need. This is made possible by the use of ALFIX system steel decks as steps and landings with ALFIX stair stringers in a variety of system widths, which can be prepared to suit the specific needs of each construction site.

Stair towers with a load-bearing capacity of 500 kg/m2 are typically installed as emergency stairs or as a secondary egress route, and stair solutions for public use must, as a rule, have a load-bearing capacity of 750 kg/m2.





By using child-safe guardrails on the ALFIX MULTI and METRIC modular scaffolding systems, the stair towers of the separate stair stringer system are made safe for people of all ages. The strict safety requirements also ensure a gapless design for all walking surfaces of the stair tower by using custom-fitted gap covers and gap cover ledgers.

A construction project at a clinic in northern Italy used two ALFIX stair towers as an alternative emergency escape route which was planned in collaboration with the ALFIX Project Department and installed by a local service provider. One of the towers was constructed with continuous protection component and half space landings, providing direct access to each storey of the building. It was constructed using 16 standards and was easily able to be adjusted to the specific height requirements, thanks to the installation of 0.5 m high flights of steps between landings.


Stair tower with 16 standards, constructed using MODUL MULTI in South Tyrol


The second stair tower was constructed along the length of the building. In this case, the handrails also provided the balcony on each storey, enabling a design using only 12 standards.

Both stair towers reached a height of 15.5 m, making it possible to evacuate all storeys of the building, including the top floor, in the event of an emergency.


Stair tower with 12 standards and child-safe guardrails in northern Italy


After drafting individual construction plans and compiling lists of all required components of the stair system, the product was able to be directly commissioned, prepared for transport and delivered to the construction site.

Our clients also have the option to consult with a member of the ALFIX Technical Team, working together to plan the stair tower that is the perfect fit for any project. By using static calculations and 3D visualisation, we ensure that all of our clients are securely scaffolded, even in the planning phase! Explore your consultation options at www.alfix-systems.com/en/contact (QR-Code).

At BAUMA 2022 in Munich, we also demonstrated secure access to the visitor platform of the ALFIX GmbH booth using a staircase constructed using ALFIX MODUL MULTI. For this construction, we used steel decks with a width of 1.57 m, child-safe guardrails, as well as additional continuous handrails.


In addition to the ALFIX stair tower solutions, the ALFIX GmbH booth at BAUMA 2022 featured the scaffolding manufacturer’s advanced side protection solutions: the ALFIX and UNIFIX TRBS guardrails. The technical rules for operational safety TRBS 2121 compliant innovative guardrail solutions include a patented mechanism which secures the folding lower parts of the guardrail to the centre rail when folded, ensuring both a practical assembly as well as an efficient transport between construction sites. The ALFIX and UNIFIX guardrails are complemented by system-specific measurements of frontal solutions, providing smooth positioning of the required side protection of the adjacent scaffolding without having to set foot on the other scaffolding itself. The innovative side protection solution remains securely integrated in the system and can only be removed using a special tool during disassembly. For this technical implementation of fall protection, the ALFIX TRBS guardrails were awarded the EuroTest-Award 2022 by BG Bau. The EuroTest-Award is awarded for outstanding achievements in occupational health and safety.