Project with the ALFIX weather protection roof VARIO in Helsinki




Scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX, with headquarters in Großschirma, Saxony, focuses on cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and reliability in the production of both scaffolding and temporary roof systems.

Bad weather conditions such as frost, rain or snow can quickly lead to construction delays, causing economic consequences for any property owner. With its weather protection roof VARIO, ALFIX offers a simple solution to this problem – a well thought-out modular system that comprises only a few components. Made of lightweight, easy-to-handle components, it can be temporarily assembled onto almost any scaffolding as a stationary or mobile roof. The system largely consists of high-strength aluminium alloys and mostly screwless connections, providing for efficient transport as well as fast assembly on site.

The ALFIX weather protection roof VARIO can be flexibly combined as a mobile or stationary and monopitch or gable roof – both with the ALFIX façade and ALFIX Modul modular scaffolding systems in the width classes W06 to W09 and with other commercially available scaffolding systems. Using the corresponding accessories, the VARIO rail developed by ALFIX allows the roof system to be moved by hand up to the middle span without the need for any additional aids. The double Keder rails integrated in the centre of the roof girder are a unique selling point. Thanks to the Keder rails of the double-track Keder profile in the centre of the roof girder, tarpaulins can easily be positioned, allowing users to effortlessly and quickly create large temporary openings for material transport, thus meeting the requirements of the different construction phases.

In addition, it is possible to install several PVC Keder tarpaulins, allowing you to not only work weather-independently, but also to achieve thermal insulation, especially in winter. Up to three overlapping Keder tarpaulins can be used in a roof panel, allowing for the use of standard sized tarpaulins.

The roof elements are available with truss spacings in the system lengths from 2.50 m to 2.57 m. Standard spans of 4.60 m to 27.72 m can economically be achieved in 1.50 m increments.

The very low dead weight (approximately 10 kg/m2) generally allows for pre-assembly on the ground by hand. Due to the exposed upper chords of the roof girders of the ALFIX weather protection roof VARIO, it is possible to lift up to three pre-assembled panels simultaneously by crane and to attach personal protective equipment against falls (PPE) to this upper chord, ensuring safe access to the roof at all times.


1 ALFIX Weather protection roof VARIO – Material loading by crane


The ALFIX weather protection roof VARIO is currently demonstrating its flexibility in Helsinki, Finland. Renovation work on two high-rise buildings requires a complete enclosure with a total roof area of approximately 1,200 m² per building. A service life until December 2022 had been specified and was planned accordingly.

The client commissioned scaffolding company SUOMI Teline OY with the assembly of about 1,200 m2 of ALFIX VARIO weather protection roof on falsework made of the ALFIX scaffolding system of width class W06.

It was initially planned to use the ALFIX Façade Scaffolding 70 with National Technical Approval Z-8.1-862 as a frame scaffolding and the ALFIX MODUL MULTI system with National Technical Approval Z-8.22-906 for the side with the balconies and projections. Taking into account the balconies and projections, this provided for the optimal support for the ALFIX weather protection roof VARIO.

The combination of supporting structures made from different scaffolding systems is possible without any problems with the ALFIX flexible roof system.


2 Project with the ALFIX weather protection roof VARIO in Helsinki


During the planning and coordination stage with the client, a further design variant was found. This included installing the ALFIX MODUL MULTI scaffolding directly at the eaves and consequently reducing the amount of materials used for the falsework while also reducing expenses.

The ALFIX project team invested around 30 hours of project planning time. The project of the weather protection roof was pre-planned in the in-house project department and included creating 3D plans, generating parts lists, and carrying out the respective static verifications. To meet the requirements in case of the load case snow, a tension belt was planned in order to make snow removal unnecessary.


3 Patent-pending ALFIX roof walkway system


In cases when snow removal from the Keder roof is indispensable, special walkways can be installed in the roof area. From a secured walkway, any point of the roof structure can be reached for snow removal. Alternatively, the roof walkway system can also be used to reach the attachment points of the crane lift and to simplify assembly work. The roof walkway system, for which a patent application has been filed, has been successfully tested for PPE suitability for various anchorage points. Implementing the sophisticated roof walkway system needs to be verified for each individual construction case and must be considered already in the planning stage.

With the VARIO temporary roof system you are securely scaffolded! In addition to purchasing the ALFIX weather protection roof VARIO, the scaffolding system can be rented from the manufacturer. More information about the product, the different design variants, and all relevant documents, including instructions for assembly and use, can be found at .