Securely Scaffolded with ALFIX

New Products at BAUMA 2022

For 75 years, ALFIX has stood for innovative, lightweight and, of course, secure scaffolding systems “Made in Germany”, which are known for their exceptional quality and compatibility with other standard systems. Ideas are developed in our in-house Product Management Department at our headquarters in Grossschirma, Germany, and our plans on paper come to life as we provide the right scaffolding solutions for our clients. We work closely with our clients, consistently working together to find clever solutions for each steel or aluminium scaffolding need.

At BAUMA 2022, scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX GmbH is once again best equipped with new products that we are excited to introduce, such as the even more economical MODUL 4.0 modular scaffolding system, the enhanced MULTI 4.0 deck lift-off preventer, and the ALFIX and UNIFIX TRBS guardrail, compliant with technical regulations for operational safety TRBS 2121.


Upgrade for ALFIX Modular Scaffolding Systems – MODUL MULTI 4.0 and MODUL METRIC 4.0


The improved development of the ALFIX MODUL MULTI and ALFIX MODUL METRIC systems, our new 4.0 modular scaffoldings, is characterised by the optimised geometry of the connecting heads as well as the use of higher-quality materials for the connector nodes, which offer greater load-bearing capacity. The 4.0 connecting heads are now situated higher up in order to optimise the contact surface of the standard, which increases the load transfer capacity. In order to simplify the galvanisation process, the connection heads now include openings in the contact surface, which serves the additional purpose of being an identifying feature when distinguishing between the MULTI tube ledger and the MULTI 4.0 tube ledger.


view of MULTI tube ledger and MULTI 4.0 tube ledger


These user-friendly connector nodes are also a feature of the MULTI 4.0 U-ledgers. For quick and easy differentiation between products, these new U-ledgers include a filled lateral web, which also ensures an increased load transfer capacity.


View of the MULTI U-ledger and the MULTI 4.0 U-ledger


High-strength Steel + Thinner Wall Thickness = More Lightweight Scaffolding Components + Increased Load Capacity


By using tubes made of high-strength steel we are able to reduce wall thickness, thereby producing more lightweight scaffolding components. As a result of these changes, for example, the weight of the 4.0 tube ledger is notably reduced by up to 16%. For decks with tube suspension, the portfolio for strengthened tube ledgers has been expanded to include decks measuring 1.09 m (MULTI) and 1.10 m (METRIC) and longer.

The double tube ledger design is no longer available (previously as of 1,57 m for MULTI and 1,50 m for METRIC), which increases the passage height underneath the tube ledger while reducing both the weight to be transported as well as the space required for the user.

In combination with the new 4.0 standards, all node-based building components can be upgraded to the 4.0 level. Unlike the standards with press-fitted tube connectors, the 4.0 standards include an integrated tube connector which also allows for use in suspended scaffolding.

The result of all of these MODUL 4.0 modifications is an increase of approximately 150% in the total load-bearing capacity of the connection disc, and a weight reduction of 10% on average. Amongst others, the normal strength of the tube ledger has a proven increase from 36 kN (ALFIX MODUL MULTI tube ledger) to 46.6 kN with the 4.0 tube ledger. The new connector values of the ALFIX MODUL 4.0 are able to reach comparably better load capacities when compared with nearly all modular scaffolding systems available on the market, as outlined in the approval documents Z-8.22-906 and Z-8.22-932, available under Downloads at

We continue to focus on providing user-friendly products for our clients, so our upgraded systems are compatible with all previous models. All new connectors were conceived and constructed for many different components, such as for our lattice girders and brackets.


MULTI 4.0 Deck Lift-off Preventer: Simple Handling and Quick Disassembly


Deck lift-off preventers are not always a scaffolder’s favourite component and are sometimes treated as if they are not necessary, however they offer valuable protection in view of the high demands placed on scaffolding decking, especially in high locations where wind lift-off is possible. Deck lift-off preventers also ensure stable and secure connections within the scaffolding system, making them a requirement for a secure construction that is in accordance with all regulations. For this reason, we have designed the modified ALFIX MULTI deck lift-off preventer to be even more user-friendly. The new deck lift-off preventer profile optimally uses the space between decks in order to offer high stability with the smallest possible overhang, while at the same time being as lightweight as possible. By a significant reduction of the trip hazard edges, the MULTI 4.0 deck lift-off preventer is more comfortable and is optimally integrated in the existing scaffolding construction. It includes an additional new safety mechanism (patent pending) which enables the MULTI 4.0 deck lift-off preventer to be automatically secured, securing the system decks of the construction as well.

Installation and removal is conceivably simple (and can be understood and tested in person at BAUMA 2022): fixture slots at the end of the deck lift-off preventer are aligned with the wedges of the tube ledger and the hooks are placed in the openings of the tube ledger. The subsequent relocation of the deck lift-off preventer in the tube ledgers settles the hooks in the openings of the tube ledger. At the same time, a slider automatically falls behind one of the hooks, preventing unintended displacement which can result in the deck lift-off preventer becoming detached.



Inserting the MULTI 4.0 deck lift-off preventer on tube ledgers


To remove the deck lift-off preventer, grab the slider from the top and pull upwards, so that the deck lift-off preventer may be pushed backwards and removed from the U-ledgers.


Removing the MULTI 4.0 deck lift-off preventer using a claw hammer

Did you know?

The ALFIX deck lift-off preventer can also be disassembled without having to     bend down too low. By inserting a claw hammer into the small tube welded on top of the slider, the deck lift-off preventer can be removed in one fluid motion. This saves both time and energy, making the need to stoop down when removing each deck lift-off preventer a thing of the past.




For our BAUMA visitors: Not only will our ALFIX MULTI 4.0 deck lift-off preventer be introduced and able to be independently installed and removed, but our advanced side protection solutions (compliant with TRBS 2121) for ALFIX and UNIFIX façade scaffolding systems will also be presented and available for trial in person at BAUMA 2022 in Munich.





Innovative, Safe, Folding: The TRBS 2121 Compliant Leading Side Protection Solution


For more than two years, the revised requirements of the technical regulations for operational safety (TRBS 2121) have been in effect. The ALFIX TRBS guardrail is ALFIX GmbH’s innovative solution to not only satisfy the legal requirements but also to offer technically sophisticated advantages for the user. The ALFIX TRBS guardrail is available for ALFIX façade scaffolding systems in bay lengths of 0.73 – 3.07 m and for UNIFIX in bay lengths of 0.74 – 3.00 m. The TRBS guardrails with bay lengths longer than 2.07 (ALFIX) or 2.50 m (UNIFIX) feature folding lower parts which can be affixed to the centre rail when folded, thanks to a patented mechanism. This functionality is especially practical for vertical transport or for transport between construction sites. In addition, the ALFIX and UNIFIX TRBS guardrails are able to be assembled by one person, with minimal effort and without a specified mounting direction, thanks to their low weight and movable lower part. A TRBS guardrail can also be added after assembly or removed from between two fitted TRBS guardrails. For subsequent removal of the guardrails, simply loosen the two screws on the joints of the component using a specialised tool, and the guardrail can be removed in three separate pieces. This is necessary in certain situations, such as when using the guardrails as outer guardrails when stairway towers or elevators must be connected post-assembly. When using TRBS as inner guardrails, a post-assembly removal would be necessary and possible, for example, after the insulation of a wall. When insulation is properly installed, the distance between the scaffold and the wall is so small that a guardrail is no longer necessary, however this used to be absolutely essential before the installation of the insulation. Additionally, inner and outer brackets, and both brackets with pulleys as well as anchors can be used seamlessly. Temporary storage of the TRBS guardrail during assembly and disassembly is especially practical and simple, as the guardrail can be hung on the handrail of fitted guardrails.

Assembled ALFIX TRBS guardrail, parked position

These advanced side protection solutions, compliant with TRBS 2121, are complemented by the appropriate end side solutions and a perfectly customized pallet for optimal transport and handling of individual guardrails. This pallet features two removable tubes which are used for transport security and make it possible to stack up to four loaded pallets on top of each other. When the tubes are inserted, the guardrails of the fully loaded pallets (14 guardrails) are secured against shifting in any direction. After the tubes are removed, the guardrails can be effortlessly removed from the cantilever arms or slid onto the pallet.

What’s more is that the TRBS guardrails are one of the only solutions on the market which can be used to upgrade and maintain regulation compliance for large amounts of existing scaffolding, even if a system-integrated advanced guardrail solution becomes a regulation requirement.

These innovations and more are yours to discover at the ALFIX GmbH stand at BAUMA 2022. Come and see our roofscaping system (patent pending), where safe snow removal is made possible by specially arranged walkways on the ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO, and discover even more in person! Further information is available on our website, or you may contact us using the contact form at .