Upgrade of the lift-off preventer of the ALFIX MODUL MULTI modular scaffolding system

Scaffold decks are part of most scaffolding structures and are among the parts that are most subjected to stress. Consequently, stability and secure fastening in the scaffolding system are of utmost importance. For this reason, and to secure scaffold decks against lifting-off due to wind forces especially on the higher scaffold levels, separate lift-off preventers are required in modular scaffolding systems. Scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX GmbH from Großschirma in Saxony has further developed the ALFIX MODUL lift-off preventer in close cooperation with its customers. This has resulted in the development of the new, highly customer-friendly 4.0 lift-off preventer for the proven modular scaffolding system. The ALFIX MODUL MULTI scaffolding system is primarily used for complex and versatile scaffolding constructions on construction sites and in the industry. The proven modular connector node, realizable by means of connector discs (rosettes) that are welded on to the standards at intervals of 50 cm, continues to prove itself as particularly advantageous and flexible. This ensures a high degree of adaptability in case of scaffolding structures with complicated ground plans and different height requirements.


Compatible with most commercially available scaffolding systems


The MULTI 4.0 steel lift-off preventer has been developed to secure the system-compatible decks used in combination with the ALFIX MODUL MULTI U-ledgers. In addition, the lift-off preventers are compatible with nearly all system-compatible suspension decks of commercially available scaffolding systems and are available in the lengths 0.37 m – 3.07m.

1 detailed view: MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer 0.37 – 0.45 m, locked
2 detailed view: MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer 0.73 – 3.07 m, unlocked


MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer: now even more user-friendly


MULTI 4.0 entails a groundbreaking concept – the profile of the lift-off preventer optimally takes advantage of the space between the decks to provide a very high degree of stability with the smallest possible projection while, at the same time, keeping the weight to a minimum. Not only does the MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer fit better into the existing scaffold structure as the trip hazard has been significantly reduced, it has also been equipped with a new, patent-pending mechanism, allowing to automatically secure the MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer and thus also the system decks in the scaffold structure.


Easy handling as well as labour-saving erecting and dismantling continue to be a top priority


Installation is very simple: The slots at the ends of the lift-off preventer are fitted around the wedges of the U-ledgers and the hooks are inserted into the openings of the U-ledgers. By subsequently sliding the lift-off preventer into the U-ledger, the hooks engage in the openings of the U-ledger. A slider simultaneously fits behind one of the hooks and prevents the lift-off preventer from being pushed back and being released.


3 Installing the MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer on U-ledger




Scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX also takes great care in ensuring easy handling and quick disassembly when removing the MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer. Take the slider from above and pull it upwards. Then move the lift-off preventer sidewards and lift it out of the U-ledger.


4 Removing the MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer using a claw hammer


Tools are no longer compulsory for installation and removal. Another advantage: experienced scaffolders can remove the lift-off preventer in one flowing movement without having to bend down deeply, simply by driving a claw hammer, serving as an extension of the arm, into the small tube that is welded onto the top of the slider and removing the lift-off preventer by pulling it upwards. This saves time and energy and the frequent bending over when dismantling scaffolds is history.

Please visit www.alfix-systems.com/en for more detailed information on the MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer and the entire ALFIX product portfolio. The sales representative responsible for your area will gladly be of assistance in case you have any questions. Please enter your postal code under www.alfix-systems.com/en/contact for the contact details of your sales representative.

NEWS: Scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX will be at the BAUMA 2022 trade fair in Munich from 24 to 30 October 2022 and present, among other products, the MULTI 4.0 lift-off preventer. You will find us in hall B3, booth 402.

Current edition of  the magazine “Der Gerüstbauer” (II/2022, published in April 2022)