Access Stairs


Access decks / Stairs:
The risk of falling with scaffold workplaces at great heights is to be avoided using inner access decks or access stairs. According to the latest directives, the attention is to be placed on the access stairs, if extensive work is to be performed, the material transport is carried out using the access or the scaffolding ascent height exceeds 10 metres. Instead of stairs, if the structural conditions or the scaffolding structure do not allow for,

inner access decks will be used. For both applications, ALFIX FACADE SCAFFOLDING is the most suitable product. The ALFIX stairs and the aluminium frame platform with access hatch secure the safe scaffolding access. The platform, which can be of solid aluminium or coverd with a water-resistant screen-printed plywood surface, as per BFU 100 G, can be equipped with an integrated storey ladder.

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