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The tube ledger can be used as a horizontal connecting element, side protection or as a pick-up for scaffolding decks with tube fixture. As a tube bridging ledger and, in reinforced design, the tube ledger is also well-suited for even higher loads. The selection of deck ledgers depends on the type of scaffolding decks and the requoirements to loadability. There are two kinds of ledgers to ensure a safe installation of scaffolding decks:

U-transoms and U-bridging ledgers for ALFIX system decks and tube ledgers or tube bridging ledgers for decks with tube fixtures. As a rule, all horizontal elements are connected to the perforated disc using its smaller openings. An ingenious colour marking system marks the bay length of the ledgers. Further information on marking can be found under the navigation item "Diagonal Bracing".

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Covering security
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