The ALFIX FACADE SCAFFOLDING is a sophisticated system scaffold, which consists of prefabricated components made of steel or aluminum. It is available in various bay lengths (0.73m /1.09m /1.57m /2.07m /2.57m/3.07m and 4.14m) and in two system widths (0.73m/1.09m). In terms of design, the ALFIX FACADE SCAFFOLDING is defined as frame scaffolding. Based on the wide range of prefabricated components, it is an extremely effective and safe quick-assembly scaffolding system. A high accuracy of fit, durability, combined with a dead weight optimization, provide the basis for cost-effective applications of the ALFIX FACADE SCAFFOLDING. The detail solutions, which have been further developed over the years, as well as completely new innovations, taking into account the applicable provisions of building inspection, professional associations and trade supervision, guarantee a high degree of technological maturity and make the ALFIX FACADE SCAFFOLDING to a user-friendly quick-assembly scaffolding system.

The ALFIX FACADE SCAFFOLDING is officially approved by the German Institute for Building Technolgy under approval no. Z-8.1-862 ALFIX 70 and conforms to DIN EN 12810 DIN EN 12810 and 12811.

Approval for Combinations: Z-8.1-864 Scaffolding System: ALBLITZ 70 S
Approval for Combinations: Z-8.1-897 Scaffolding System: ALBLITZ 70 A

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