Scaffoldings have been and continue to form the basis for implementing architectural visions and dreams.

A construction site is hardly ever seen without scaffoldings. From simple façade scaffolding to the complex modular scaffolding up to the stairway tower, the mobile scaffold tower or the functional weather protection roofing; in their diversity, modern scaffoldings facilitate not only the work, but also provide additional safety and flexibility to meet new challenges. Innovative system solutions and individual services originate in direct interaction with our customers in order to set standards for specialised solutions and major projects.

Scaffoldings made by ALFIX demonstrate their high quality and precision standards in manufacturing.

When developing new scaffolding systems, we focus specifically on the needs of our customers who purchase the new scaffolding or rent a used one. For them, the scaffolding must be easy and practical to handle in daily use. They are the ones who initially assemble the scaffolding parts – assembly frames, decks, base jacks, rear guardrails, lattice girders, couplers, platform stairs, brackets, diagonal braces and many other detachable components – to a complex structure and subsequently dismantle them again.

ALFIX : Scaffoldings made in Germany

Production in Grossschirma, the headquarters of ALFIX GmbH, uses only selected materials which provide the scaffold with a long service life due to their exceptionally high quality. ALFIX scaffoldings meet the strict standards and laws of the European Union. They comply with the requirements of DIN EN 12810/12811 for system scaffolds and have been approved by the German Institute for Building Technology statutory body.

Securely scaffolded with ALFIX

and one of our sales representatives will advise you in person, on-site. Whether you purchase scaffolding or rent used units, ALFIX is the right partner. We are looking forward to your enquiry.