ALFIX products joining forces

ALFIX Facade Scaffolding System – ALFIX MODUL MULTI 4.0 – ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO


The stable unification of modular and frame scaffolding systems creates the basis for stable, temporary roofing using scaffolding system components. The scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX GmbH, from Großschirma in Saxony, Germany, provides sophisticated systems and variations paired with extensive know-how in the field of engineering.


Pre-planning using 3D CAD projections

Working closely with a local architectural office and the scaffolding company Bindig Gerüstbau GmbH, a cost-effective and safe scaffolding concept, planned in accordance with TRBS 2121 standards, was developed for the renovation of the CAWI Stanztechnik GmbH production hall in Schwarzenberg, Germany. Due to the large number of expansions to the production hall in recent years, no precise and comprehensive inventory documents were available for the building, which measures 25.0 m wide and 100.0 m long.

In order to obtain a comprehensive basis for preliminary technical planning, between 300 and 400 photos of the building were taken with the aid of a drone flight in collaboration with the scaffolding company. From these photos, the ALFIX GmbH Technology Department was able to create a photorealistic model of the construction to be scaffolded, which served as the basis for the planning and erection of various supporting scaffolds. For this project, plans included the use of the ALFIX facade scaffolding system as well as the modular scaffolding system ALFIX MODUL MULTI 4.0, alongside bridging of the extensions made using non-system lattice girders.


More versatility with the ALFIX guide rail and cart

To ensure that production operations continue unrestricted during the renovation work on the glazing of the hall roof, a protective roof was planned and constructed using the ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO. As a means to save material costs and valuable time for the trades, a mobile version of the temporary roof was designed. The load-bearing ALFIX guide rail was installed along the entire length on both sides of the building to enable the roof to be moved into a new position, allowing for continuous construction progress regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, the movable roof design makes it possible to effortlessly equip individual segments of the site with materials using a crane.

ALFIX guide rail
Photorealisic 3D illustration of the construction project


Versatile applications using 37.5° corner roof girder

The ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO has a span width of approximately 27.0 m. Designed as a movable keder hall based on a tent principle, the vertical roof elements are made using aluminium roof supports. In order to construct this unique shape of the gable roof, two 37.5° corner roof girder components were joined together. This creates a vertical portion that can be sealed gaplessly by using standard lengths of keder tarpaulins. Combined with tension straps and corner reinforcements, even a mobile version of this considerable span width was able to be statically proven, taking into account wind loads and snow loads. This was accomplished in the planning phase by the ALFIX GmbH Project Department and realized by the scaffolding construction company.

ALFIX VARIO weather protection roof as a pitched roof by linking two roof girder corner sections


The 37.5° corner roof girder is a real all-rounder. Using this product enables the creation of many different roof shapes at a variety of angles. These versatile uses make the 37.5° corner roof girder a unique product on the market. It is a component constructed using high-quality aluminium sections, with aluminium tubes forming the upper and lower chords. Its focus, however, is the precise, double-track keder profile made from curved aluminium. Depending on the application, the 37.5° corner roof girder may be connected to roof girders or ridge girders using tube connectors and keder profile connectors. The symmetrical structure of the construction offers a variety of options for the user. Construction variations can be found in the ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO catalogue Wetterschutzdach | ALFIX GmbH

37.5° corner roof girder


Thanks to the possibility of attaching the ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO in versatile and customisable ways to nearly all possible scaffolding systems, the supporting framework was planned as both facade scaffolding and modular scaffolding which were able to be adapted to the conditions on site.


ALFIX facade scaffolding in accordance with TRBS 2121

The universal ALFIX facade frame scaffolding with a width class of W09 and a bracket extension at a height of 14.0 m was installed on both the west side and the gable side. Safe access to any scaffolding level, in accordance with TRBS 2121 standards, was achieved by installing foldable ALFIX TRBS guardrails in 2.57 m bay lengths. These guardrails, which were awarded the EuroTest Prize in 2022 for special achievements in occupational safety, consist of a two-part, firmly integrated side protection that remains secured in the system. This ensures that the next level of scaffolding is assembled smoothly and in accordance with all regulations, including providing secure fall protection. The companies on-site greatly appreciated the rapid assembly of the scaffolding that also considered compliance with fall protection regulations in accordance with TRBS 2121 standards and industrial safety regulations. Along the length of the production hall, the large glass surfaces made it impossible to provide a usual anchoring for the supporting framework. In this special case, both the scaffolding company and the client were looking for a solution that could absorb both the high anchoring forces lengthwise and sideways, and transfer these loads to the structure. Thanks to the client’s support, special anchor points were created which were able to direct the load into the reinforced concrete construction. To do this, it was necessary to transfer the loads from the scaffolding to the existing structure using lattice girders installed horizontally.

ALFIX 2.57 m TRBS foldable guardrail


ALFIX MODUL MULTI combined with system independent lattice girders

In order to be able to distribute any possible snow loads in a more effective way, supporting scaffolding using the highly adaptable ALFIX MODUL MULTI 4.0 was assembled in the inner courtyard. Support frames were set up between the extensions and economically bridged using non-system lattice girders, allowing for better distribution and transfer of concentrated loads.

Using detailed plans designed from the digital measurements collected in the planning phase, anchor points to protect against lift-off loads and roof penetrations could be planned and implemented with precision in order to compensate for the uplifting forces. The modular scaffolding was secured both horizontally and vertically to the various roof structures using specially designed tie-backs. The overall construction was completed using various load towers which served as level surfaces for loading materials and equipment. Considering ongoing production inside the building, it was necessary to plan and set up internal protective scaffolding with appropriate safety nets in the areas where the roof openings would be in order to prevent any tools, materials, or people from falling during the construction on the roof.

mobile keder hall in Schwarzenberg

Thanks to the well-thought-out combination of components from the ALFIX GmbH product range, an optimal working and protective scaffolding, including weather protection for the planned renovation work, was able to be provided for our client. This included, of course, all associated technical documents, such as the structural calculations and 3D representations that were designed for this unique task.