ALFIX MODUL 4.0 Stairway Towers


The ideal solution for every application


The ALFIX stairway tower is the all-in-one solution for quick and safe ascent. Whether used as a construction site stairway tower, as an additional escape route, or as a public staircase, the foundation is the construction of our further developed 4.0 modular scaffolding systems ALFIX MODUL MULTI and ALFIX MODUL METRIC. As part of the optimisation of our scaffolding systems, the connection heads of the MULTI 4.0 tube ledgers and U-ledgers are now higher up in order to increase the contact surface on the module node, which increases the load-bearing capacity. By using high quality materials, we additionally increase the load-bearing capacities at the connection nodes.

In addition to the revised 4.0 vertical standards, all node-relevant components have been raised to match the 4.0 level. The 4.0 vertical standards feature a integrated tube connector which, unlike the vertical standards with a press-fitted pipe connector, also allows for use as suspended scaffolding. In addition, the use of high-strength structural steel makes it possible to reduce the wall thicknesses of the ledger tubes and standard tubes without any reduction of the load-bearing capacity.

These product developments have made the ALFIX complete stairway tower systems even more stable and economical. The comprehensive product portfolio includes basic stairway towers with a weight allowance of 200 kg/m2, which are used on construction sites in combination with aluminium landings to form linear or half-turn stairs, and also include the corresponding side-protection components.

Stairway tower with 4 legs for 200 kg/m²
Stairway tower with 10 legs for 200 kg/m²
Stairway tower with 16 legs for 500 kg/m²
       Stairway tower with 16 legs for 750 kg/m²



















For use as emergency stairs or for an alternate escape route in public areas, ALFIX stairs are available in a separate stair stringer system, with a load-bearing capacity of either 500 kg/m2 or 750 kg/m2. The stair width is available as steps and landings in various system lengths, which is made possible by using ALFIX steel decks in system widths.


ALFIX stairway tower portfolio with stair stringers


After installing child-safe guardrails as well as all-round handrails for adults and children, these stairway towers are safe for people of all ages to use. In order to achieve maximum flexibility, custom-made stair stringers and guardrails are available to adapt perfectly to the needs of the building and the surrounding area.


An example of using ALFIX stair stringers modified for maximum load-bearing capacity can be seen in the following project:


As part of a large construction site in Espoo, Finland, a pedestrian tunnel was built using ALFIX MODUL MULTI 4.0. In order to create safe public access, the scaffolding company SUOMI TELINE OY was commissioned to erect two stairway towers. Due to the high frequency of use, the stairway towers were planned with a flight width of 2.50 m, which is wider than the standard system configuration. The ALFIX project department designed a 24-leg stairway tower with a possible maximum load on all surfaces of 750 kg/m2 and that was able to bridge the 5.20 m height difference with centimetre precision to enable secure access. First, one of the two planned stairway towers was erected. The free-standing scaffold consists of ALFIX MODUL MULTI 4.0 stair stringers, along with steps and landings made of ALFIX steel decks measuring 2.57 m. The strict safety requirements were also met by using a gapless design of the walking-working surface with gap covers and gap bars in system lengths, as well as by the installation of child-safe guardrails in widths ranging from 0.73 m to 2.57 m.


24-leg stairway tower made using ALFIX MODUL MULTI 4.0


In addition to the preparation of detailed and individualised assembly plans, along with the corresponding parts lists for the ALFIX stairway tower, the materials were able to be selected, ready for loading, and delivered to the construction site in Finland in the shortest possible time.

A comprehensive static proof of the individual components as well as the entire scaffolding construction was prepared by our ALFIX engineers and provided to the customer. This proof ensures that the loads occurring and applied in public areas are able to be carried by the planned construction, as long as the assembly is implemented according to the plans provided.


Gap-free design of the running surfaces using ALFIX gap covers and gap bars


Thanks to the wide product range of modular scaffolding components in 0.50 m grids and their economical modular assembly, ALFIX stairway towers can be planned flexibly to suit all conditions on site.

Interested? Our ALFIX technical team will be happy to provide advice when planning a stairway tower adapted to any project. With the help of static calculations and 3D visualisations, you are always securely scaffolded with ALFIX – beginning right with the planning phase! Submit your request now at