ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO – well-suited for all weather and for every system


The scaffolding manufacturer ALFIX, based in Grossschirma, Germany, places their focus on planning and manufacturing lightweight, easy-to-handle components that offer the user a smooth operability. The ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO also guarantees an economic and effortless assembly and disassembly. Its symmetrical structure provides a number of options for the user, which offers a nearly tool-free assembly thanks to a manageable number of components developed according to a modular design principle. The essential feature is the double-track Keder profile in the centre of the roof girder.

Field overview of the Temporary Roof VARIO


This allows the temporary roof to be covered by several waterproof, translucent PVC Keder tarpaulins, which enables a working space regardless of the weather conditions while providing thermal insulation in the winter. As many as three tarpaulins can be used to cover a roof cassette and may overlap one another. This allows for the use of standard length tarpaulins. The tarpaulin length is indicated on each Keder tarpaulin using coloured tension belts. The additional coloured dot indicates the bay length.

The roof cassettes can be mounted in market standard span widths. Standard spans ranging from 4.60 m to 27.72 m can be reached in increments of 1.50 m. The precise information for arranging all connecting elements can be found in the Instructions for Assembly and Use of the ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO (available under Downloads on the website).

Visualisation of span widths using the example of a double-pitch roof


This weather protection solution can be temporarily attached to nearly all commercial scaffolding systems, which prevents construction delays and the resulting additional work and associated costs. No matter which scaffolding system has been installed, the temporary roof system can be installed as either a stationary fixed roof or, thanks to track-guided castors, as a mobile roof. The mobile roof system is especially well-suited for use as sectional roofing.

Lightweight, easy-to-handle components made of high-strength aluminium alloys guarantee both a simple and efficient transport, as well as a quick and smooth assembly directly on-site. Following a pre-assembly by hand on the ground, the exposed top chords of the roof girders of the ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO allow up to three pre-assembled roof cassettes to be simultaneously lifted by crane. In addition, personal protective equipment for fall protection (PPE) can be attached to this top chord.

Roof girder corner section 37.5° used for flexible implementation of various designs


Thanks to the flexible roof girder corner section 37.5°, nearly all temporary roof designs are possible. The patented roof girder corner section, much like the roof girders, is made of high-quality aluminium profiles with Ø 48.3 mm aluminium tubes forming the top and bottom chords. This is completed by a central, curved double-track Keder profile. Depending on its installation design, the roof girder corner section 37.5° can be connected to roof girders, ridge girders, or other roof girder corner sections using tube connectors and Keder profile connectors. In special cases, two corner sections can be used to form a ridge (see Figure 4: Double-pitch roof 37.5°).



Whether used as a double-pitch roof, a mono-pitch roof or as a Keder hall, every design of the ALFIX Temporary Roof VARIO always makes a good impression. When combined with the corresponding accessories, the specially developed aluminium rails enable small to medium-sized temporary roof systems to be moved by hand without requiring the use of any additional tools.

Temporary roof openings for equipping construction sites are possible anywhere in both the mobile and stationary versions thanks to the modifiable arrangement of the stiffening bays in the roof according to planned needs. Simply by moving the tarpaulin in the Keder rails of the double-track Keder profile in the centre of the roof girder, it is easy to open and close any temporary openings.

Since the end of last year, ALFIX GmbH has expanded the system by adding a roof access system. In practice, roof girders are often accessed primarily to clear snow or loosen the roof cassettes after having been lifted by crane, or to insert the Keder tarpaulins or mount the longitudinal ledgers, therefore the manufacturer now offers a safe solution for the user.


VARIO Roof Access System model


Consisting of special deck transoms with tube connectors, the classic back guardrails and guardrail posts from the UNIFIX system, as well as the decks from the MODUL METRIC system, a comfortable construction is created for longitudinal inspection of the rafters of the Temporary Roof VARIO. With the help of the integrated shifting prevention on the deck transoms, lateral shifting of the decks is prevented.

Shifting prevention on the newly developed VARIO deck transoms


To prevent and protect against falls on the inside, PPE for fall protection is required. The back guardrails have been approved as attachment points for PPE for fall protection. It is advantageous to assemble the construction on the ground and to lift it with a crane together with the roof girders.

Safe ascent is possible in many ways, including using a stair tower on the eaves of the roof, which is connected to the Temporary Roof VARIO using a scaffolding ladder. Another option is to place ALBLITZ frame platforms with access hatches along the eaves, enabling roof access through an opening in the Keder tarpaulin.

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